Hi, welcome to my blog, This Family Means Adventure! My name is Kirstie and I am a home educating mum of three. I live in Scotland with my husband, our three children, our cat, our two chickens and our three quails.

Here you will find my thoughts on living a happy and purposeful life with my family, as we home educate and adventure together.

When we began our home educating in late 2021, I spent hours searching on line, looking for the reassurance and inspiration needed to begin this new way of life for our family. I struggled to find content from the UK which offered practical ideas, a potential structure or deeper reflections on home education. I hope my thoughts and reflections on home education and family life might offer you encouragement and inspiration.

A note on terminology: In the UK, educating a child outwith school is referred to as ‘home education,’ rather than the American term ‘home schooling.’